High tides; A love story.

I used to believe that we shared things–
Like the moon.

And I trusted that a current would instinctually bring us together
The same way in which birds flock to the South in the Winter.
We were part of natural order.

I used to believe that all things were written in a large, unalterable Book;
but I learned that God never paid attention to the details.
We write those ourselves.

When I learned you were back, I was in traffic–
waiting for the light to change.
I knew I would not call, so I rolled down my window–
taking a deep breath.

I still believe that we share things–
like the salty, coastline wind;
and that the tides reconcile our differences.

As time dissipates and waves wear at our spirits,
I search for a trinket–
a manifestation of a good memory; my good story.
It makes me feel juvenile.

I believe we share things–
like recollections of springtide.

[A draft, always].


Adventures in Türkiye: Konya (via Perennial Reflection)

Fellow Blogger and brother, Anthony, has had an amazing journey in Turkey these past few weeks and I just wanted to share his adventures with my readers. Anthony’s pictures and words reflect a beautiful spiritual journey. Masha’Allah.

As long as I live, I am the slave of the Qur’an And the dust of the path of Muhammad If anyone quotes anything except this from my words I am far away from that person and that word. ~Mevlana Jalal ad-Din Rumi I just left from Konya this evening, traveling through Anatolia towards Cappadocia (Kapadokya) by bus. I only stayed in Konya for a day, with the sole intent of visiting the Mevlâna museum and the sarcophagus of  Mevlâna Jalal ad-Din Muhamm … Read More

via Perennial Reflection