MahaMuslimah created this public space in order to explore her interior space.

The blogger is a student, teacher, avid reader, and writer.

She is a fallible human being though prefers to imagine herself as a tragic heroine.

While spirituality is expressed in many of her posts, the blogger is not interested in imposing her particular worldview on any of her readers.

The blog’s motif is people are people are people are people,


Good Muslims, Bad Muslims, non-Muslims.

All opinions, thoughts, and beliefs belong solely to the author and she invites you to disagree.

The blogger reserves the right and responsibility to remove any comments that express hate towards any particular people.

MahaMuslimah usually has her nose stuck in a book and her head lost in the clouds. She recently earned a Master of Arts degree in English Literature at Ohio State University and is interested in the relationship that develops between readers and writers in affective narratives.

This blog is exploratory–as is her life–and always in draft stage.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Peace be to you,

    You have some interesting points of view. May Infinately Wise guide and protect you. We have developed spritual comics books based on religious scriptures and unlike other entities in the industry do not have millions in funding to promote this work which has taken years to produce. In fact we have had no funding but have managed never the less. Would appreciate it if you and your contacts can help promote it and support it.


    May God be pleased iA. With peace and prayer.

    • Salamualaykum,
      Thanks for reading my post and browsing my blog. I have not been active for the past months, but hope to post more often in the weeks to come. I will review the Prophecy Comics and see if I can do something to help you in promoting them. Thanks again,

  2. Maha, I was wondering if you were interested in contributing to the blog I am currently working on starting up. The blog is for a freelance agency and it’s based right here in Egypt. The blog is for entrepreneurs. We want to feed their egos and there hearts. I see you moving hearts. If interested I can be reached at my email. I can provide you with more information about Mostaqqel as well information on rates and content. Have a good day

    • Hi Tiara, I would be interested in contributing to your blog, Mostaqqel; however, I would need to know the blog address to further investigate its mission, common topics, and so on. I would be interested in scheduling a Skype meeting if you’re interested. Best regards,

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