Face Aids 2011: Back to School Campaign

Dear Readers,

As you may already know, I will be graduating this quarter from Ohio State University with my Master’s degree. As a way to show gratitude, I have sponsored the Face Aids 2011 campaign to give a gift of education to those who may not be as fortunate as I have always been.

The FACE AIDS 2010 Back to School Campaign aims to raise funds to send HIV-affected Rwandan youth to secondary school. All funds raised through the campaign are granted out through the Partners In Health School Fees Program in Rwanda, which supports students who are infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS by providing them with tuition for secondary school and, in some cases, other school-related costs.

You can read more details on my Citizen Effect campaign page:

The goal is to raise $250 that will impact 7 lives:

$250 enables an HIV-affected Rwandan youth to attend secondary school for one full year. This funding covers tuition and associated costs (e.g. uniforms, books, transport). Education has a tremendous impact on the student. It can bring:

– Improved health outcomes through ability to purchase health insurance, medications, delay sexual debut, and more
– Better nutrition through access to meals provided at school
– Improved gender equity, as more and more girls attend and graduate from secondary school
– Reduced isolation, often experienced by youth forced to drop out of school

$250 is a modest goal and I hope to be able to raise it before my graduation date: June 12th! That is less than one week!

If my blog has impacted you positively in any way consider your donation as a show of gratitude to me. If you consider yourself blessed with health, education, and so on, please pass on that gift to others! If you are an intimate friend and have been thinking of getting me a graduation or birthday present, make your donation to this cause instead.

I really hope that you will help me reach this goal before next week. Donate what you can.

All donations are made securely through the campaign page at:

Thanks for your support, faithful readers ❤

By the way, the founder of Citizen Effect, Dan Morrison, is also one of the founders of The Hijabi Monologues!


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