In a nutshell: changes to my blog; changes in my life.

Academia: I haven’t posted in a while because I have been recovering (psychologically!) from the Master’s exam that took place on May 12th. Two weeks of recovery isn’t nearly enough. Seriously.

Truth is, I’ve been busy wrapping up this quarter. I have one last paper to write for a composition studies class I am taking (on the intersection of literacy/rhetoric/composition and heavily tattooed women). The research paper is largely exploratory, but I am interested in thinking about the body–specifically women’s–as sites for composing narratives of resistance. The tattooed body seemed like an appropriate topic to explore this interest.

Today, I also taught my last class at OSU. I ended the quarter on two graphic novels that fit together very well: Incognegro and Stuck Rubber Duck. I hope I awakened a dormant interest in my students for visual narratives. Overall, I felt the class was a success.

Blog: As you have already noticed, my blog is changing. It is still under construction, but I am really working on conceptualizing my audience and adopting the appropriate rhetoric. I began this blog as a “say-all” space where I anonymously posted on anything I found worth exploring, critiquing, discussing, sharing, and so on. Part of developing as a writer, however, is being acutely aware of your audience and be willing to adapt accordingly. I think that the “say-all” space was beneficial and I will continue to foster that, but I also hope to think of fresh way to make my topics, posts and discussions bad ass.  I will  mostly focus on creative writing, narratives and other topics that fall under literature and narratives. I think that politics and religion will always be in the backdrop of all my posts, but I will intentionally not make them these themes the central focus. For those who have been following me from the beginning, you know that this blog is always under construction (and I think that is what has attracted my circle of readers). If you particularly enjoyed a specific type of post, please let me know as my writing is alway (re)shaping.

Goals: I leave home in a week. Two years have flown by and I feel a little disoriented from all the changes that are to come. I will move back to my parents’ place. I may have a particularly difficult time readjusting as I have developed my particular quirks living on my own the past two years. In my apartment, I stay up late, leave dishes in the sink, light candles all over the house, come and go as I please, and fall asleep in the living room couch over mountains of books. None of the above will happen back at home. Despite the adjustments, I will enjoy the fact that I won’t bear any serious financial responsibilities. I should also have enough privacy to work on completing a few goals I have in mind:

Writing: I have a few drafts of short fiction and hope to gather an intimate circle of fellow writers to review and offer feedback so that I could finalize and submit to magazines and writers’ journals for publication.

Work: Thankfully, I already have a job waiting for me back home. I will continue teaching at the university where I previously worked and will enjoy a higher salary. It, however, is only an adjunct position. I hope to spend some time preparing a resume and researching full-time teaching positions so that I can begin to feel more secure in my profession.

Fun: These past two years have not been a cup-o-tea. While I made very good friends at OSU, I also resigned myself in a martyr-like fashion to intellectualism. I look forward to digging my toes in the sand, dancing with my fellow Latina girlfriends, and meeting prince charming (ignore that last one). Most important, I hope to finally give myself over to please; that is, enjoy films and books without over-analyzing every rotten detail.

In Cuban culture, many people toss a bucket of water out their door on New Year’s Eve to symbolize positive change (out with the old, in with the new). But since I am not particularly superstitious, I will just end this post with two short dua’a: alhamdulillah (thank God) and insha’Allah (Godwillingly).


One thought on “Changes

  1. I love your blog and I love where you’re going with it. You’re a great writer and I believe that you’ll do well in that field. I’m so happy for you that you have a job back home and will be able to save some money for awhile. And that you get to dance with your girlfriends!
    Enjoy your life and keep writing. I’d hate to lose your “voice” on the Web.

    May Allah bless all that you do!

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