Latino American Dawah Organization (Lado)

As an American raised in a Hispanic household, I am always happy to learn of communities that make me feel “at home” within the Islamic community. I ran into this website just now–Latino American Dawah Organization (Lado) that focuses on promoting Islam among the Latino community in the U.S. I still have much to read, but it is great to see that there is an organization trying to spread awareness–most importantly, education–among the Latinos regarding Islam.

As some may know, Latinos are very spiritual people for the most part. The majority are Catholic, fewer are Christian of other denominations, even fewer may be Jewish or of Jewish descent (parts of my family is) and a minority prescribes to no religion at all. It feel somewhat safe making the sweeping generalization that Latinos are spiritual people who love God–

I think dawah is important and I also believe it is most effectively executed when it is done by members who can identify with a particular community. While Islam may be universal, cultures are not. It is so important to be able to see “faces” we can relate to and recognize. It allows for the demystification of Islam as something that belongs “over there”.

As a Muslim convert who comes from a strong Catholic background, I want my family to be knowledgable about Islam so that they can grow more comfortable with my decision. The first step is knowledge. And once the seeds of knowledge are sown, it is up to God to lead (or not).

I will be playing around on this website for the next few days.

8 thoughts on “Latino American Dawah Organization (Lado)

  1. The group needs some serious dedicated tech savvy members to make the website use friendly. But knowing that this website exist is a good thing.

    Jazakallah for sharing.

    • Yea, you are right. It isn’t a very attractive site. But yea, some of us Latino/a Muslims are in serious search for communities with which we can identify culturally, and I know my Latino/a Muslims are hiding out there somewhere 😀

      • Salaams….I just wanted to comment on your sight that there is an (Alim)…(A scholar) who is from CUBA that,s speaks spanish and 5 other langues,Arabic,Urdu,and some other ones he has his own Madressa–(school). he’s in Detroit MI. SH.Sabeerul-Haqq

      • Thanks for letting me know about Bro. Sabeerul Haqq. I am always interested in learning about the Latino Muslim Community and will definitely look into it. Thanks,

  2. oh yeah all of his students must wear sunnah. his Bro. in-law is also an Alim he went over Sea’s back in the 70’s him and his bro -law to India…………… insha’llah look him up…..salaams

  3. Latino Muslim Conference in August 29th, 2015 at the Staten Island fight Camp, 147 Union Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10303 contact Bro. Yusef Ali Abdullah 1 (347) 600-3014 Free Admission / Free Food / Free Spanish literature and Qurans / Lectures and intertainment.

  4. The Latino Muslim Conference took place at the Staten Island Fight Camp 147 Union Avenue, Staten Island , New York 10303 in the Mariners Harbor Area. People came from all over the country, the food was great, the people were great and the lectured speakers were awesome. Among them were Abu Samiyyah Lebron, Sister Linda Rodriquez-Garcia, Omar Garcia, Imam Yusef Maisonet, Samantha Kenny, Omar Hernandez, Imam Zulqaniin and Mualana Yusef Ali Abdullah all active Latinos in the different muslim communities thoughout the country here in the states. DVD videos can be requested on FACEBOOK / The Staten Island Fight or call 1 (347) 600-3014.

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