iLove the nookcolor

I’m not the kind of person who is all about the newest gadgets. I never bought an iPod and only own one because a friend got it for me. I was considering an iPad when it first came out but I held off for two reasons: (1) it’s too darn expensive for what you are getting; and (2) I hate the fact that Apple is always holding back from its customers. Every time they come out with a new gadget, they make it less than perfect so that the next generation has a selling point. I understand it’s business, but it’s business for the rich kids. As a person who works hard for every penny, I only like to invest in things that I know will last for a long time without feeling anxious about the “bigger and better” one that will make mine seem like a archaic toy.

OK. So this is where my excitement comes in! I just got a nookcolor!!!!! It retails at $249 which is less than half the price of the iPad and has similar features. The iPad does have a larger screen, twice/thrice the memory and you can download cool applications.  Like the iPad, the nookcolor has a color touch screen and WiFi for internet access. The iPad is cool, but it’s also twice the price. The nookcolor has 8GB but you can insert and SD card for greater memory capacity—this is an easy and inexpensive solution for running out of memory.

Personally, I only plan to use it to read PDF articles (for lass), web browsing and reading books. I’m really excited about the fact that it’s so slim and light and I can access my readings in class without having to destroy the entire Amazon rain forest (I usually print about 500 pages per quarter which is just wrong!). It also has Pandora Radio as an application that allows you to stream music according to your taste. The only downside is that the screen isn’t anti-glare (but that can be fixed by purchasing the anti-glare screen protector for a few bucks.

I’m honestly so satisfied with it! I paid a reasonable price, it’s features as just as modern as the iPad and it’s so neat and easy to use.



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