Festival of Cartoon Art 2010

Art by Art Spiegelman as published in his memoir "Breakdowns: Portrait of an Artist as a Young %@*!". Pantheon Publishing, 2008.

Not much to say except OMG OMG OMG! A whole weekend of non-stop talk about comics, graphic novels and narrative. When I say weekend, I mean like 9am-9pm Thursday-Sunday. What? The freak show is on!

Today I taught and only sat through the panel on Krazy Kat (whom I actually never read) followed by a talk on Krazy Kat’s artist George Herrimann…Oh, and a reception to celebrate Krazy Kat’s 100 year anniversary (with a cake and all, folks)! I feel like I’ve known Krazy and Ignatus my whole life.

And these are the highlights of my week (and probably my whole year):

-An Evening with Matt Groening on Saturday (The Simpson’s dude)!

-Art Spiegelman on Sunday afternoon! President Obama will be on campus later that evening and can you believe I’m more excited about seeing THE Speigelman more than the president of the United-freaking-States?

Oh, and did I mention the imbalance at the festival? Male to female attendees is about 30 to 1, Middle-aged folks to young adults is about 10 to 1; I won’t even mention the fact that I have received looks of wonder for being the only hijabi present (I don’t blame anyone for that though— considering that half the world thinks all Muslims hate cartoons—-and Mickey Mouse)… Ay, world (((deep sigh)))


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