Nose Piercing @ Salvation Tattoo Lounge

I finally pierced my nose! I had been dreaming about it FOREVER! My friend would tell me “you know, you don’t need to pierce it, just wear a fake one.”


Nonesense! I wanted a REAL one!

I was walking around Washington Ave in South Beach yesterday when I saw a few tattoo lounges. The idea immediately came to my mind, but of course not seriously though! I’m too chicken shit about needles to really take the thought of  a nose piercing seriously. I, however, ran into this tattoo, Salvation Tattoo Lounge, that was just beautiful and clean-looking! I walked in without the real intention of getting any piercing, just pretending to be cool enough to think about it. The receptionist was so nice and welcoming that I didn’t feel like I was at a tattoo shop at all! Hello…wood floors, velvet chairs, private booths…I felt like I was at a hair salon! Most importantly, the one who pierces noses was a lady. I don’t want any man hands on me…so this was a plus.

The process was fast. She walked me over to a the ones you lay on in doctors’ clinics. Then, she took out scissors, a needle, and three bottles of sanitizers. She first explained that she would be cleaning my nose first in order to sanitize the area. Then, she explained exactly what she would be doing to me (stick a tube up my nose to stabilize the “spot”, then stick the needle through). That was the painless part, believe it or not. Two seconds, as she had promised. The somewhat painful part was when she slid the nose ring through. Five seconds.

No problem. No fainting. No drama.

Needless to say, it was practically pain free. The worst part is the actual thought of needles. I had heard that nose piercing were painful. I had heard that nose piercings were really painful, but I didn’t feel a thing! I owe it to the awesome lady, Vanessa, who had a welcoming smile, gentle hands, and most importantly, professional style.


3 thoughts on “Nose Piercing @ Salvation Tattoo Lounge

  1. I have this crush on any creature with pierced nose :p
    my point is i think the piercing is very attractive and makes the girl look pretty specially if she has pretty face.
    any way i raise my hat to you for make such a fast and courage decision such as.
    have a nice day

  2. Sounds like you had a great experience at Salvation Tattoo. I’m glad to hear it and I hope that if there is anything else you need from us ever that you don’t hesitate to ask.

    Salvation Tattoo

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