“Saving” X-Men’s Sooraya Qadir ‘Dust’

I went down a few days ago to a used book store a few blocks away. Half Priced Books. I, of course, always get carried away when I go there, convincing myself that I need this or that book. I can’t help myself. The books are HALF OFF and always in good condition!

So, I noticed a comics section where individual issues were organized by name. I headed over to the X-Men section not really expecting to find an issue with the X-Man’s Afghan-niqabi, Sooraya.

It doesn’t seem to be the first issue with Sooraya, but I was excited to have found one for $1. I bought it and when I started to read the comic, I noticed that the woman doesn’t speak! She doesn’t utter a word, just creates a destructive sand storm that almost kills Professor X and Xorn.

The story is that Sooraya is put in a “special class” with Mister Xorn who has “affinity for sensitive and traumatized children”. Anyway, why is she traumatized? She apparently cannot control her powers either. Sooraya sends up a sandstorm that hurts Professor X and Xorn. In order to control her, they need to put her “Dust” in a strange container to control her. In a frame, an undefinable character caught in the sandstorm says “crazy jihad, retreat!” The only words she utters during the entire diegesis is “Help. Help me, Professor X.”

I’m inclined to think that her silence, the misuse of the word “jihad” and her cry for “help” are three problematic parts of this little narrative…

I need to get my hands on the other publications where she appears…FAST!


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