Sooraya Qadir (‘Dust’): Marvel Comics’ Niqabi Character

I just learned that Marvel comics has a Muslimah superhero, Dust, who is a Sunni Muslimah from Afghanistan. Since my current obsession is comics, I am dying to get my hands on every comic that depicts her. Hell, I can write a whole dissertation on this topic. I already hear the name ringing in my ear: Said’s “Orientalism”. She is developed in an X-Men followup titled “New X-Men Academy”.

From reading various blogs, it seems that she is a positive representation of Islamic values. The responses seem positive except for some Muslims who are insulted with the idea that she is drawn. Some Muslims believe that it is haraam to depict the human form, thus explaining the outcry following the Danish cartoons of Muhammed (PBUH). Of course, the depiction of the prophet wasn’t the only problem with the cartoons. Moreso, it was the mockery and the pseudo bomb-turban on his (PBUH) head. Denmark, like Belgium and France, have been flirting with the idea of banning the face veil in public places. While the Danish illustrations were extremely offensive, I do support freedom of speech, so my opinion on this issue is a complicated one. Offensive yes, but limiting freedom of speech is more dangerous in my point of view.

Anyways, I digress.

Marvel Comics. Sooraya Qadir. Dust. Whatever. I am set on a new mission. To find ever last clip where she appears in comics. This is serious stuff.


One thought on “Sooraya Qadir (‘Dust’): Marvel Comics’ Niqabi Character

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